Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

THEO offer professional and full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solutions for the successful completion of solar photovoltaic system with Grid Connected, off-grid, tracking and energy storage projects.

THEO utilize well proven equipment with world leading manufacturer and we have extensive experience with deep industry knowledge and track record of building utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects. THEO is committed to provide tailor-made solutions on time and on budget with the highest quality standards and system optimization.

Project Financing

Project financing allows customer to benefit from renewable energy development without paying high upfront costs. We offer the most attractive financial returns and long-term benefits for project development.

We offer the finance option to provide an opportunity for businesses or property owners to enjoy the financial and green benefits of renewable energy system with zero cost.

Operation, Maintenance and Asset Management

Operations & Maintenance service is a great importance to maintain and optimise the renewable power assets. Regular maintenance and service work will reduce the likelihood of preventable system downtime, further ensuring your energy needs will be met and cost savings will be provided.

THEO can offer the bespoke digital monitoring tool which is able to monitor your system remotely for the performance of your system and the event that something goes wrong. Our experienced engineers can diagnose and repair system faults in order to return your system to normal operation quickly and efficiently. Scheduled visits will offer to ensure the system everything goes smoothly.