Solar Panel System
Why Go Green?

Solar Panel System

To solve the energy crisis, people work on exploitation and application of alternative energy sources. Among the various renewable energies, solar energy has features of low pollution, accessibility, and inexhaustibility. Thus, it becomes one of the important and attractive resources for people to research. Due to the rapid development of solar power system, we offers customized solar generator to fit different applications. Our solutions are suitable for the areas with electricity hard to access, unstable power supply and high excavation costs, such as mountain, isolated island, power station, remote area, power rationing area and etc. The system consists of PV module, solar mounting rack, solar charge controller, inverter, distributor box, battery box, battery, cable set, and related facilities.

Our Solar energy products are listed as below shown:

  • Mono crystalline PV modules
  • Poly crystalline PV modules
  • Inverter
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery Backup system
  • Solar LED Street Lamp

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