Why Go Green?

Company Background

Theo Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. is a solutions services provider in design, supply and installation of renewable energy and energy saving systems, including solar PV panels, wind turbines, lighting and air conditioning systems. Our focus has always been on meeting the long term need for renewable energy and energy saving solutions.

Theo Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. has been supporting government, property, commercial, schools, and other organizations in making informed choices about sustainable development in future. We integrate the latest technology and systematic management to provide the solutions to exceed customer expectations both in quality and price. We are greatly honored to be a partner in our customers’ success by offering them flexible energy solutions.


Our mission is to be the best renewable energy and energy saving solutions services provider in Hong Kong and Asia market. The company is continually striving to maintain the excellence in design, supply, install and superior customer services. Our company has the commitments to our customers as follows:

1 Design the tailor made renewable energy and energy saving service to fulfill customer’s unique needs.
2 Provide the one stop solutions for renewable energy using solar PV panel and wind turbines.
3 Provide the energy saving solutions in order to form the proposal of cost effective and high efficiency energy usage.
4 Provide high quality products and services with competitive prices for customer’s full satisfaction.
5 Provide a reliable source of technical support and precision installation.
6 Dedicate to raising the communities awareness about the renewable energy and energy saving for climate change issue.


As the global awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing; many countries of governments are promoting energy saving and low-carbon objectives and policies. Hong Kong has been an international financial city, the competitiveness of business and development will weaken if the development of low-carbon economy has been slow compared with other countries. Therefore, the development of low carbon economy in Hong Kong should not be delayed. Renewable energy is one of the solutions which is clean, affordable, domestic, and effectively infinite. It produces no emissions and results in cleaner air and reducing the risk of global warming.

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